"Ed Wood-inspired music, most of which is terrible and should never be heard."
-Bizarre magazine (May 2005)


UPDATED AUGUST 24th, 2012!

Here it is, the single greatest site on the internet for free Ed Wood music ABSOLUTELY FREE! Some of its good, some of its awesome, some of it sucks ass, some of its a bit disturbing and frightening, some of its cute, and all of it would be super music to dress in drag to, so everybody get ready to rock your big, fat Woodian butt to the all new MUSIC.EDWOOD.ORG featuring a plethora of free, easy to download music, ballads, odes, spoken word tracks, techno jams, hymms, comedy bits, and more rock and roll ass-pounding musical hell than you could ever shake a wooden stick at.

We also have random sound clips, strange Woodian sermons and other totally groovy sound files that all share one very important thing in common - a love and respect for Ed Wood and all things Woodian! So strap yourselves in and get ready to bask unselfishly in the unmitigated audio foolishness from deep within the bowels of Ed Wood's wild Woodian followers!

Some of it's in wav format. Most of it's in mp3 format. All of it is free and awesome!

Enjoy! ...

Criswell's Greetings

Flip the Switch: "Plan 9"
The ska band Flip the Switch played at our live show Edwoodstock in 2004 and since then they've been the OFFICIAL PATRON SAINTS OF SKA in our religion. Their music is awesome upbeat happy ska punk and the guys in the band are all super nice and I am honored to have had them play in our big live show. At Edwoodstock we had a contest to see who would be made legally cannonized saints right on stage. Flip the Switch won easily by being the only band with the testicular fortitude to write a song specifically for the event, a song based on Ed's magnum opus "Plan 9 from Outer Space" and even mentions our church in one of its lyrics. Beyond that, it's a really good ass song. So, enough with the talkin' and just download the damn thing already because it absolutely rocks ass!

Orgy of the Dead: "Opening Credits"
This is the opening credits to the sixties Ed Wood and Stephen Apostolov monsters and zombies and atrocious Los Angeles strippers musical madness movie "Orgy of the Dead," featuring Criswell as the ruler of the dead. It's a fairly horrible movie but the audio alone makes for an amazing sensory experience that can be really calming. Check it out for yourself.

Reverend Steve Galindo: "Angora on The Shelf"
Essentially, this is the Elton John classic song "Candle in the Wind" re-written to be a song about Ed Wood. It was originally recorded in 1997, then lost, then discovered again in mid-2003 and put on the internet to act as the official theme song of the Woodian religion. It's a touching song about a man in love with Wood and it serves not only as the official theme song of Woodites and casual Ed Wood fans the world over! The legal bit ... the following song is a parody and an homage and therefore not something you can really sue Reverend Steve over and besides he has no money anyway so what's the point. The lyrics were written and sung by Church of Ed Wood founder Reverend Steve Galindo himself! This really is a really great song about Ed Wood and about loving Ed Wood and what he stood for!

Criswell Predicts: "A Punched Card"

Naomi Hall: Bride of the Monster
Artist Naomi Hall is a very attractive (from what I could see from her web page) woman from Miami, Florida who describes her musical style as "quirky sounds and electronic fringe pop" and "Hello Kitty meets Frank Zappa." That's pretty sweet if you ask me. Listen. It's good stuff.

Emerald Galindo and Reverend Steve: "The Woodmas Song"
This song was recorded on Woodmas, the day Ed Wood was born and therefore the Woodian Christmas. My daughter loves Ed Wood, by the way, despite her being so young. In fact, the day after we recorded this song, Emerald woke up and watched the Tim Burton movie "Ed Wood" all by herself and here is the picture to prove it! So, when Woodmas rolls along, here is the perfect song to listen to!

Crutial Head: "Plan 9"
Crutial Head is an independent musician composing industrial and metal music on mp3unsigned.com. That isn't some sort of a plug for the site but it is a pretty cool place for free tunes ever since MP3.com shut down. The song is called "Plan 9" and it got honorable mention in a dance contest hosted by the site. Not only does it have a great beat and some great liberal use of sound files from Ed Wood's magnum opus "Plan 9 from Outer Space" but it also has a few sound files from other sci-fi films, adding to the general butt-rocking mondo craziness of the song. It is an incredible song and a welcomed addition to music.edwood.org and here's to hoping that this isn't the last Ed Wood song we hear from Crutial Head. Maybe you should try e-mailing him right here letting him know you dug the song and want more!

Criswell Predicts: "Politics"

Blood Paradise: "The Washing Machine Song"
Here's a strange one ... in 2002 Reverend Steve got ripping drunk off wine mixed with Jack Daniels and recorded a short minute long ad-libbed love song for his washing machine. He put it up on MP3.com and there it stayed for a year or two during which time a few hundred people downloaded it and chuckled a bit. It wasn't anything special, just a really short, stupid song. Well, after the demise of MP3.com the song seemed lost forever until recently. A group calling themselves "Blood Paradise" have remixed the song into a styling live audience lounge song. It's an even better, longer song thanks to the crazy mofos of Blood Paradise!

Criswell Predicts: "Sperm Bank"

Orgy of the Dead: "Night Things All About Me"
Here is some more awesome nonsensically surreal dialogue and music from "Orgy of the Dead," this one featuring a long, beautiful speech from Criswell.

God Monster: Love Feast
There used to be a station on the old music site mp3.com for songs written about Ed Wood. It was called The Ed Wood Zone and it was the #1 place to find Ed Wood-related music. I guess since they're gone then that makes THIS PAGE the #1 site for Ed Wood related music. Awesome. We win! Anyway, this song is from there. Godmonster used actual samples of our savior Ed Wood from the movie of the same name to create this sing, so remember when you hear the dialogue that it's Ed speaking to you from the heavens... if the heavens has a bar up there somewhere. And if there's an actual heaven. You get the drift.

Emerald Galindo: "Mommy Tasha"
As far as I'm concerned, this is the absolute greatest song ever recorded. This song was recorded by my wonderful two-year-old daughter Emerald Rose and a little kiddie keyboard. This song was recorded on the morning of September 28th, 2004 while watching Sesame Street. She's singing a song about her mother Natasha and, only at the end, her father. At the end, she adds the cat into the mix. It's a great song and a nice little heartfelt tune!

Reverend Steve: "Wood"
This is an all new stinking pile of rock and roll feces from Reverend Steve Galindo. It is either the greatest song ever recorded, the worst song ever recorded, or a mixture of both. This song, recorded in Steve's bathroom on January 1st, 2004, is the Nine Inch Nails classic song "Hurt" rewritten about a man who watches "Plan 9 from Outer Space" to make fun of it and, touched by Ed's cinematic greatness, turns into a Woodite and is transformed by Eddie Wood's love. In this song, Steve switches between trying to sound like Johnny Cash and Trent Reznor and the voice-layering on the choruses is either wonderful or atrocious. Now the legal bit ... this is a parody and an homage and therefore not something you can really sue Reverend Steve over and besides he has no money anyway so what's the point.

Blood Paradise: "Wood (Trent vs Reverend Steve)"
Blood Paradise has done it again! This is amazing, absolutely amazing. I don't know how they get the strange, frightening, possibly horrendous songs of Reverend Steve's and turn them into impressive bits of mad musical genius, but what they did with the Waching Machine song they have done AGAIN and even BETTER! This is a mix you can call Wood, the Trent Remix or you can call it Trent vs Reverend Steve. Either way, it's Nine Inch Nail's version of Hurt mixed under Reverend Steve's song Wood and it is incredible. Download this, burn it, put this sucker on your ipod. Do whatever you have to. This is altogether sweet.

Criswell Predicts: "Flying Saucers & the End of the World"

Emerald and Reverend Steve Galindo (feat. Deinna Burkitt): "The Butt Song"
The Butt Song is a little something that Woodian Angel Natasha and Reverend Steve made up for their daughter Emerald when she was two years old and starting to wonder about people's bodies. One day Emerald just said out of nowhere "Mommy, you got a butt!" to which Natasha said, yes, Emerald, everybody's got a butt. Since then the whole family has been singing this song and this is the first time it's ever been recorded. This song is the first appearance of Em's cousin, Deinna Burkitt. This song is silly as hell and really kinda cute.

Psycho Charger: "Graverobbers from Outer Space"
You'll immediately tell that this song is in NO WAY affiliated with Reverend Steve because, unlike "Wood" and "Angora on the Shelf" THIS song actually sounds good. Great, in fact. This song was sent to me from the band Psycho Charger that originate from New York City. They are all HUGE Ed Wood fans and they wrote a killer incredible song about "Plan 9 from Outer Space" that was on our debut CD, which is here for you now. It is an amazing song from start to finish and if you really dig it, then you should go check them out at Psycho Charger.com

Criswell Predicts: "Vending Machines"

The Immigrants: Me And Bela Lugosi

Criswell featuring Reverend Steve Galindo: "Tell me the Future (short version)"
This intriguing, possibly horrible, possibly brilliant experimental techno/spoken word/trance art piece was recorded by Reverend Steve Galindo using sound clips taken from a rare live recording of Criswell Predicts from back in the sixties. The version here is the second shorter version recorded - the original version was well over ten minutes long and wa-a-a-ay too big to upload on to this site. This version features a backbeat sampled from the opening notes of the One Minute Silence song "Rise and Shine" (their album "Buy Now...Saved Later" is really worth checking out) and includes sound clips samples from Ed Wood's "Bride of the Monster" and "Plan 9 from Outer Space." If you're really into or just mildly intrigued by Criswell and would like to know a little bit more about the man, then this song is a good place to start.

Townes Van Zandt: "At My Window"
This is a song by deceased musician and all around screwed up guy Townes Van Zandt. I decided to put this song here because I think it perfectly represents Ed Wood's emotions and drunk loneliness during so many periods of his life and his career. It's a mixture of depression and optimism and it subconsciously has to do with Ed in some way that I can't put my finger on. Good music.

Criswell Predicts: "Pigs"

Prewar Yardsale: Would Ed Wood

Prewar Yardsale is a barrier-defying two piece punk folk art band that recorded this version of "Would Ed Wood" back in the old mp3.com "Ed Wood Zone" days. A spiffy, remastered version of this song is available on the "Call It what You Want: This Is Anti-Folk" compilation from Olive Juice. It's a cool, good little jaunt of a song. Enjoy!

Criswell Predicts: "Little Women"

Orgy of the Dead: "Feathers, Furs and Fluff"
Here's some more mellow lounge madness from "Orgy of the Dead." This is one of the numerous boring stripteases that I swear make your mind melt. But lust listening to the awesome slow lounge music makes it an amazing song to hear. Check it for yourself.

The Hairy Drain Babies: "The Ballad of Torgo"
A June 2005 article in Entertainment Weekly finally put to rest a long standing problem with Ed Wood fans. It was less than an article and more of a vindication. Finally, a major media outlet finally said what Reverend Steve and the Church of Ed Wood has been saying for a very long time ... that Ed Wood's "PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE" was NOT the worst film of all time. That distinction goes to the atrocious sixties film "Manis: The Hands of Fate." And this song is a ballad devoted to the film's most bizarre character, Torgo the half man, half goat, half bad actor, all stoned caretaker in this worse than Ed Wood crapfest. Download this while you can. We straight yanked this from the band's web page.

Reverend Steve: "My Brother's Sock"
Reverend Steve hasn't drank a drop of alcohol since November of 2002 and not only is he proud of that but he's also smug and stuck-up about it. However, just because he doesn't drink NOW doesn't mean that before that time he didn't drink an ASSLOAD! The following song was ad-libbed (obviously) drunk as hell during a rainy winter's night on November 2001 in his brother Jose's room with a sock over his hand as he tried to play the guitar. It's also worth noting that it doesn't really matter that there was a sock over Steve's hand since even without a sock over his hand he can't play the guitar worth shit. It's short and stupid but in a funny and cute sort of way.

Aryan Embarrassment: "My Brother's Sock (Sock Rockin' Beat Mix)"
Shortly after the last song, My Brother's Sock, appeared on the web, the group Aryan Embarrassment re-recorded a mind-blowing REMIX edition of Reverend Steve's song "My Brother's Sock," laying down beat after beat and sample after sample after sample until the short and stupid little drunk Reverend Steve song actually sounded the slightest bit normal and ass-rocking. The song, now called "My Brother's Sock (Sock Rockin' Beat Mix)" seemed to disappear from the internet for a while there but just recendtly has reappeared and now is currently available right here.

Criswell Predicts: "The Fate of the World"

Saint Tor Hershman: "The Ed Wood Hymm"
It goes without saying that Reverend Tor Hershman, legally cannonized Woodian saint and all around crazy ass man, is the world's most vehement follower of Woodism besides Reverend Steve himself. he is also a crazy mad genius in everything he does and this is song, a spoken-word tribute-slash-religious hymm, is a good example of that. This song is not only a touching, inspiring tribute to Savior Wood but also a nice, strange peek into the mad genius mind of the legendary Saint Tor. It's the kind of song you would kind of expect them to be really into in Jupiter - I don't know why, but that just seems to be the way it is.

Criswell Predicts: "Faith"

Emerald featuring Reverend Steve: "The Unbearable Strain of Darkness Eternal (and Ring Around the Rosie)"
After two-year-old Emerald sang her last song on here, the cute as hell little ditty "Mommy Tasha" she immediately wanted to record another song, this one a duet with her father Reverend Steve. In all reality, all that she wanted to do was sing the "Mommy Tasha" song all over again ... but Reverend Steve was able to toss it up and turn it into a really cute, really funny little song. Check it out.

Orgy of the Dead: "All Their Radiance"
This is a piece that Criswell speaks in the classic monster nudie film "Orgy of the Dead." The music and dialogue make for a very surreal listening experience that is not to be missed.

Planet Log: Tor Johnson
MAN oh MAN! I have been rocking out to this butt-shaking ode to Tor Johnson for well over a decade now and it has never stopped being awesome! This is yet another "Ed Wood Zone" song and the following video was thrown together by our own Saint Tor ...

Deinna Burkitt: "Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey (phat beat remix edition)"
This is a song recorded by Steve's now singing crazy niece Deinna. Yes it has absolutely nothing to do with Ed Wood or Woodism but, hey, fuck it, this is MY website, so hahaha. This song is about her favorite characters from Shrek and Shrek 2 and it's sweetly silly. What really sets this song apart from the other one is that we've taken the original track and added an echoey techo beat behind it to kind of spruce it up. It's pretty neat. Check it out.

Criswell Predicts: "Underwater Volcanos"

Reverend Steve: "(Ed Wood) Can't Be Stopped"
With a backbeat stolen ... uh, I mean, sampled (nudge, nudge) from Eminem's "The Way I Am," Reverend Steve recorded this in his kitched shortly after recording "Wood" on January 1st, 2004. It's a strange rap mix, a sort of mantra. The spoken word sermon is a higher-voiced Reverend Steve recorded in 1999, mixed with a repeating background mantra of "Ed Wood Can't be Stopped." Also, quietly, you can just barely hear Reverend Steve doing his favorite "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" impression of "check check it, yeah!" It's a little over a minute and a half and it's strangely haunting and Steve almost sounds like a badass. Nice little sermon-slash-mantra here with a strong, positive Woodian message of being proud of who you are.

Emerald Galindo: "Barbie and Ballerinas (mellow beat remix edition)"
This song is just like the song that Deinna Burkitt sang last, the "Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey (phat beat remix edition)" song. It's a sweet little song sung by Reverend Steve's three-year-old daughter Emerald about how much she loves Barbies and Ballerinas. But we've added a sweet little mellow backbeat to it so it sounds like a touching little lullabye. Check it out.

Criswell Predicts: "Our World"

Reverend Steve: "The Sock Revolution"
This isn't a song but it still kicks some ass. This is an original 1999 sermon of Reverend Steve's called The Sock Revolution. It's a tiny little spoken word bit that Steve did when he was still living in Phoenix and was hitting the bottle pretty regularly. In fact, he was completely wasted when he recorded this in front of his computer but we feel that the message of this piece still stands strong even today.

Aryan Embarassment: "The Sock Revolution"
And now, back to Aryan Embarassment, the same people who took Reverend Steve's drunk little ditty "My Brother's Sock" and turned it into the ass-rocking, almost normal-sounding "My Brother's Sock (Sock Rockin' Beat Mix)." Well, they heard Steve's "Sock Revolution" sermon and they were so moved by it that they used it in its entirety in their song "The Sock Revolution." They have taken the Sock Revolution sermon and remixed it and now it's ... pretty much the same ... but with an ass rocking beat.

Deinna, Emerald, and Reverend Steve: "The Things We Love"
This song is the last of the cute, crazy, loud kid songs. It is a "concept piece" where the three of us, three-year-old Emerald, six-year-old Deinna, and twenty-eight-year-old Steve, switch off singing songs about the things we love ... Barbie, Ed Wood, and baby animals, respectively. The song starts simple and quiet but after the HEAVY METAL stylings of Reverend Steve, the girls get crazy and loud and start yelling metal lyrics of their own. It's a real earfull of silly fun!

Criswell Predicts: "Laugh at Outer Space"

Orgy of the Dead: "End Credts"
This is the film's end scene when the two kidnapped heroes awake in the middle of the cemetary. Where did the monsters go? Was it all a dream? Then there's some more dialogue from Criswell and some music. A good ending.

Queen: "We Are the Champions"
Yes, this is THE original version of this song and YES it is highly illegal for us to have this here, so snatch it up before it gets taken down for legal reasons. I decided to put this here because sometimes I see Ed Wood singing this. I mean, Ed was made fun of and shunned and attacked for his movies and his visions of the world ... but after being shunned and after dying and after being called the worst director of all time, the world started seeing his films and started embracing him for who he was. Eventually, and only after intense pain and death, Ed Wood did succeed. This song is the perfect way to end this list of songs, I think. Ed was a champion.


Reverend Steve has recorded a handful of audio sermons dated between drunken ramblings from the summer of 1999 and sober sermons from summer 2004 featuring his wonderful girlfriend Natasha and their two-year-old daughter Emerald, who rocks. Here for you now are a handful of Reverend Steve's sometimes touching but mostly silly ass sermons.

Steve triess to sing but ends up giving timeouts to everybody (3.5MB)

The Boob Slap Song feat. Natasha (3.2MB)

Steve discusses Ed Wood (1.1MB)/Ed Wood discussion, pt. 2 (1.2MB)

The Parable of the Dart Game (2.3MB)

Pants (1.3MB)

Steve discusses Woodism (1.3MB)

Steve and his Inner Child (1.9MB)

Emerald says Hello (2.1MB)

Emerald Answers Mommy's Phone Call (1.3MB)

Emerald Rocks (623k)

When Steve becomes President (1.3MB)

Feeling Restless (1.7MB)

The Bullshitedness of Your Life (2.8MB)